Dama de Baza Strawberry

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Dama de Baza Strawberry Syrup. Let yourself be surprised by our line of syrups and concentrates with the best selected fruits, top quality chosen by more than one million consumers. An ideal resource to dilute and prepare all kinds of mixtures “with” or “without” alcohol:




  • Cocktails
  • Shots
  • Drinks
  • Slushies and milkshakes
  • And much more!



Never before have you found so much variety of colour in a concentrate! Enjoy this and 15 other flavours available in our catalogue.

And if you like the taste of banana, we recommend you take a look at our delicious fruit concentrates.

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Is it possible to turn a traditional recipe into an irresistible red drink? Now it is possible by adding a few drops of our product to your cocktail, a quick and convenient option for a wide range of uses. Did you know that the mojito and the daiquiri have a delicious and well-known strawberry version? Some classic cocktails also use it, such as the Bellini cocktail.


Buy our syrup now and discover for yourself all the possible uses of our non-alcoholic strawberry concentrate.



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