Dama de Baza Apple Syrup

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Dama de Baza Apple Syrup. Let yourself be surprised by our syrups and concentrated drinks with the best selected fruits, top quality chosen by more than a million consumers. An ideal resource to dilute and prepare all kinds of mixtures “with” or “without” alcohol:




  • Cocktails
  • Shots
  • Slush drinks and milkshakes
  • And much more!



With this flavour you won’t fail, add a few drops of our apple syrup drink and get a refreshing and sweet taste thanks to its great flavouring capacity.


Never before have you found so much variety of colour in a concentrated drink! Enjoy this and 14 other flavours available in our catalogue.

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Although there are hundreds of varieties of apple, one of the most famous is undoubtedly the green apple, which, along with other types, contains a series of common benefits and properties.

You can’t go wrong with this fruit, it is also a rich source of fibre, as well as all kinds of vitamins and minerals necessary for the organism, of which potassium stands out. It also contains between 80% and 90% water, which makes it very hydrating.


As far as Spain is concerned, apple production exceeds 100,000 tonnes per year. It is one of the largest producers in Europe.

Its unique flavour is undoubtedly present in all kinds of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and its characteristic touch gives rise to countless possibilities in and out of cocktails, so it is not surprising that it has played a leading role in all kinds of liqueurs, aperitifs, syrups and concentrates.


Buy now and enjoy with our apple syrup.


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