Frutaysol Banana

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Discover Frutaysol Banana!


Enjoy one of our most popular appetizers inspired by non-alcoholic banana liquor, a refreshing drink ideal for drinking before or after meals, with ice or in a short cold glass. The perfect option for those who don’t want to drink after meals or simply for those who want to enjoy an incredible taste with a fresh drink without alcohol or gas, a product with a very low amount of calories and sugar!


Buy now and discover some spectacular tasting shots!


Available in an elegant 70cl bottle. 6 flavours available! Take a look.

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A drink with the irresistible taste of banana, without alcohol and without gas. A product with a very low amount of calories and sugar! It is specially designed to fulfil the same function as a non-alcoholic banana liqueur. It becomes a great option to replace the classic liquors at certain times, such as after meals, or at aperitif time. Ideal to make that toast more inclusive than ever for all those people who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.




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