GINSIN 12 Botanics (Bottle + glass package)

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Add ice, mix with your favourite tonic and enjoy a spectacular “Gin & tonic 0.0%”! Now with an official Ginsin Premium glass as a gift!


Be surprised by one of our most popular flavours obtained from the fusion of the best botanicals: Juniper, Cardamom, Cilantro, Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Orange Blossom, Hibiscus Violet, Lavender and Myrtle. Ideal for summer!


Our product has been chosen as INNOVATIVE product at SIAL 2018 and chosen by the association of 10,000 consumers as product of the year in 2019 obtaining INNOVATION AWARD. Do you want to know more about GINSIN? Look at the description.


What are you waiting for? From our website you can buy GINSIN PREMIUM in any of its three flavours.

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Is the result of 2 years of research, after which Industrias Espadafor has achieved the same aroma and notes as a GIN, but ALCOHOL FREE.

It is made with the same ingredients as GIN, carefully macerated.

The result is GINSIN PREMIUM, FOR THOSE WHO LOOK FOR ALL THE FLAVOR WITHOUT GIVING UP TO TAKE CARE. An alcohol-free product, ideal for enjoying your favourite cocktail, without limits or worries.


Say goodbye to the hangover and enjoy the maximum flavour!



Color: clean and bright. Mayan blue with light blue edges

Smells: lemon and orange citrus with a floral and juniper flavor.

Palate: predominantly citrus with high acidity, a bitter background and a fresh sweetness. Aftertaste: floral and citrus touches.

Pairing: neutral or flavoured tonic. Botanicals: lemon twist and juniper berries.




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